November 7, 2020

Lalalalalalalaa Ladidadiladidaa. Lalalalalalalaa Sä olit minun kultani pieni Mä olin sulle pelkkää bitumia vaan Mä olin sinun moottoritiesi Josta läpi kuljetaan. Sä olit siin Mä olin vasta tullut maalta kaupunkiin […]

A fair fight Microphones get took you shook wear white [Hook] You don't got no ends in Mi Casa (And its your stopper meth tical man and funk docta) You […]

On s’écrivait de tendres choses Des mots pervers mais innocents Et rouges comme notre sang De les redire ici je n’ose J’ai tenté de brûler ces pages Rien à faire […]

Woo Woo Eyo man, I feel like I’ve been humble too long I’m too humble, man f*ck all that humble shit Uh, f*ck being humble Put your money where your […]

[Verse] I ain’t been to sleep but I take money naps Bitch we just met now you sitting on my lap Boy I’m going in and I’m never looking back […]

(browne/maitland) Thanks for letting me down Thanks for letting me down again And if you could be here today What would you say Thanks for leting me down And now […]

On nous enterre et on manque d'air, sous l'ozone et l'effet de serre Il pleut de l'eau jaune ça dégénère Ce poids me donne des maux de dos, c'est énervant […]

[Verse 1] The city is crazy, it sleeps with every light on The city is busy, even when every club is closed So I walk these streets, I skip over […]

The first time I saw Emma She was above me in a dream And she throwed her arms around me And off we flew, it seemed Like an airplane Moving […]

Brucia! (Brucia!) Brucia la paglia che sembrava oro Bruciala, avanti, non fare il crumiro Bruciamo l'erba che non costa niente Poi la vendiamo alla gente Che non fa più lotte! […]

Old dirty Glock with that extension got 'bout four bodies And when I pull up to the mall, I'm with the mob and we got four choppers They tryna see […]

Es wird mal so um 2010 einen Sexroboter geben Erst lädt man seine Akkus auf, dann steigt das Teil auf alles drauf Er sagt nie nein, immer bereit zu Sinnlichkeit, […]

Silmissä lampee, silmissä lempee Laiturin nokkaan se käpertyy, sinne jää On nielemässä itkuu ja tässä Löytyi sen kyyneleisiinkin syy Hei laululeija, saat viestin kuljettaa Hei laululeija, et muille antaa saa […]