November 6, 2020

If y’all don’t like me then leave me alone Because I’ll still set foot right into your home And leave everything bloody with the lights on I’m so god damn […]

How you doin I’ve been meanin to talk to you You been goin through some thangs I feel it, I feel it [Verse] I’m just thinkin thoughts in my brain […]

Would you give it all up if everything goes right I’m tell you like this nigga don’t look back twice Real nigga right here, in a mothaf*cking cyph You can […]

[Verse 1: Chris Travis] Bitch I'm chillin'[X3] Bitch I'm chillin with my niggas How you feelin if you with us f*ck you mean bitch With my team bitch And we […]

[Intro] (coughs) Shit We vibin’, We vibin’ We vibin’, We vibin’ We vibin’, We vibin’ [Verse] 1, 2, 3 bitch Don’t f*ck with me And I don’t want to f*ck […]

this homicide [Intro] [Verse] I just feel like I just feel like, i dont got no where to go I just feel like, there are people i should know I […]

[Intro] Last try bruh, f*ck this shit Keeping everything Keeping everything nigga, off top nigga I don't even f*ck with this beat nigga, but I'mma kill this shit No chords […]

Just been thinkin’ ’bout everything Uh, everything we’ve done, oh my god Damn, beautiful [Hook: Chris Travis & Bones] Waterboys on deck, Team Sesh on deck Waterboys on deck, Team […]

By the time the buzz was wearing off we were standing out on the sidewalk with our tattoos that looked like rings in the hot Nevada sun Kids piled high, […]

[Strofa 1] Anche oggi ti ho pensato nella battaglia Ero vestito di sonno, una fame tremenda Il vento falso della metrapolitana Il mio primo giorno, il tuo buona fortuna Anche […]

Kenshin Never settle (never settle) not for less I’m the best and she said f*ck the stress Smoking on the f*cking best And im like f*ck that shit [Chorus] Lay […]

[Intro] Heard The Signal, Pay The Leaders Been Froze (Signal) I Just Heard The Signal, Pay The Leaders Been Froze (You a Sick Hoe) [Hook] I Just Heard The Signal, […]

[Chorus] Bitch swerve like a deer standin' on them yellow lines Miss me like you're shootin' but you want no one to die Say what? I can't hear you, I'm […]

It’s high time That I let you slide I know it’s kind of low But to me, it’s high time It’s high time That I let you slide I know […]