November 5, 2020

[Produced by Butla Beats] [Intro:] Niggas love to scream peace after they start some shit True story Everything I say out my mouth, I either did or been through it […]

[Skit: Struggle Jennings & Upchurch] I spent so much of my life trying to take care of other people, worrying about every body else And I really had a distorted […]

Draco likes hamsters. Draco likes bowling. Draco likes pliers. Draco likes fire. (Sound of money falling) Draco likes face paint. Draco likes cartwheels. Draco likes honey. (Whistling) Do doo do […]

[Intro] Some people go for gold, then lose sight of their shine And the sparkle that once was, gets tarnished in mind They forget what they was after they fell […]

Bitch I’m shining, sparkle Limón Water diamonds, lemon water [Verse 1] Ride with no f*ckin’ ID, but them motherf*ckin’ big bands on me I might be sayin’ nigga shawty sweat […]

[Chorus] (Wheels) All I know is runnin' windy roads Fog all on my windshield, smack that dash to play the radio (Wheels) Met my first love in a Chevrolet Shootin' […]

[Intro] Word around the town, I'm so motherf*cking icy Word on the town, all these bitch niggas don't like me Word on the town, she got my name in her […]

[Intro] I’m so froze [Hook] I’m so froze, bitches say I’m ghost She didn’t even know I came through with my fo like I light some mo I can not […]