November 3, 2020

Lost in the shuffle, I’ve drifted an’ strayed Bruised by the city, bewildered, betrayed With a heart heavy laden with faltering strides I have come to the bridge, to the […]

[Hook: Chris Travis] Aye, Waterboyz ENT I’m drinkin’ water mane, getting dollars mane Never show my face, unless I’m getting paid Shawty know my way, and I feel her pain […]

Bitch I’m gettin’ forty bands on the walk out Yeah I blew a little money but my bills paid I woke up the next day and I’m still paid I […]

Hello Dolly Ma jolie Dolly Je crois bien que tu as perdu la partie Tu es si belle Dolly La plus belle Dolly Rien ne semblait pouvoir te résister Dans […]

That field of corn, would never see a plough That field of corn, would be deserted now A young one’s born, but he’s no good no how Without a song! […]

I got Babe Ruth gripped in my hands [Pre-Chorus] Pu-pu-pull up in that parkin’ lot, ain’t nobody scared, shit (You know it) Bitch, I been through hell and back, and […]

[Hook] Shawty hit me up She knows just whats up My niggas hit me up We ready for the skunk I’m smokin by myself Ion need no help I crept […]

[Strofa 1] Ognuno ha avuto un parcheggio per imparare a guidare Ognuno un pomeriggio Passato a pensare chissà com'è morire Chi lo viene a sapere Quanto tempo del suo tempo […]

Pass the hookah Been midfield like Luka You know the bars are the bomb and the bars could nuke ya So bang, brudda, bang, brudda, master shooter Let me play, […]

Ta-da, some rock Prada Used to sell them drugs, always showed 'em like a sawed-off Half made 'em start up, thought I was a narco Read between the line with […]

Oh, mother let me be heavy rain I wanna have everything I wanna throw flow and flake And you could be my subject Can I be the one at your […]

[Verse 1: Jaymanila] I need to be vindicated Infinitely more frustrated if an underground rapper smoking a tree in the forest Screams out a chorus and nobody’s listening Does it […]