November 2, 2020

Who are you? [James Maslow:] Let it go The anger in your eyes Stop crying Let it go Lord I know She’s doing all she can And I can’t let […]

"Joo." Ja jos sulla on naisia, ne on kyl tilattu Venäjältä. Olen bisnesmies niinku daddy Adi Dassleri On mulla Chrysleri, on mulla Lexus. Stigidii on siunattu naintitaidolla Ja mul on […]

[Intro] I'm done running, I've grown tired Good things don't last forever, yeah [Verse 1] I moved to the west   [?]   you know I'm   gonna [?] you […]

why?) When It’s early in the morning I have been up all day No I’ve been up all night And I and I just don’t feel right When It’s early […]

Du lurer kanskje på hvorfor og hvordan Du lurer kanskje på hvordan det er Å være Tidenes Terje Jeg drømmer Å være Tidenes Terje Jeg svømmer Du tenker kanskje også […]

I should’ve known that you’d feel this way Baby don’t throw it all away Maybe your mind is playing games ‘Cause you’ve never looked better than today I will always […]

Aamuu muistelen Sä tulit käymään pitkästä aikaa täällä mun kämpälläin Täältä se alkoi ja tänne se loppui, kaik meni väärinpäin Ylhäällä täällä ilmojen päällä kaikki on hyvin taas Yhdessä jaamme […]

(Theo) The-Theo don’t you see (Theo), you are too good to me? (Theo) The-Theo don’t you see (Theo), you are too good to me? The-Theo don’t you see, you are […]

[Verse 1] Mug after mug (Oh) Of alcoholic substance (No) Racing to rock bottom (Choke) In the hope that I'll   find   salvation (Soon) [Verse 2] Feel the   […]

Come pour me up I chase my Henny with the f*ckin’ cup Ain’t fight when I’m drunk Please, don’t run up You don’t want smoke, punching your lungs I ain’t […]

Maybe we can bring it back to life Maybe some things should not be revived Bye, goodbye Time slows down Rearrange my thoughts right now Another sleepless night I found […]

Oottanut kauan mä oon, ulvonut kuutamoon Me jaamme ja tunnemme sen, tän maagisen yhteyden Nyt nussitaan, ja tähän hetkeen ei puhuminen sovi Nyt nussitaan, viime kerrasta aikaa jo olikin joku […]

[Verse] Told all my girls I wanna go back last time that you lost me This shit   is   sweet, won polytic,   we just won controversy I, love […]

[Verse 1] We've made up through many fights Didn't end up mattering who was wrong or right You know   you   give me life My   sister of mine […]