November 1, 2020

[Letra de "Balenciaga"] [Intro] Bendiciones pa' mi hustler' (gwop gwop) 'Tamo' haciendo gwop gwop Zian RIP G Kalle RIP Godzilla All this ratchets on me (money, money, guagua) I can't […]

Red Drum on the beat Ay, with the motherf*ckin’ gang Ay, please give me some space (Ooh), bitch, I’m outer space (Outer space) Take a step back, back it up, […]

[Verse 1] There's beauty in pain that paints every day With colours that stay and won't fade away In wounds that won't heal, in nightmares too real They tell us […]

people should not be afraid we came to the earth to graze no shortcuts to the face, this means you a child gives you his shoes people should not be […]

I don't want to watch you fall in love I don't want to watch you fall in love Unless you’re in my arms the whole time Unless you’re in my […]

[Intro: 21 Savage] Zone six nigga Pyrex Whippa [Chorus] Sippin on Hi-Tech, eyes red Looking like a frog Geeked up foula simply raw p*ssy   got   [?] I was […]

[Intro] It seems like everyone I've met in the world just rolls with it But my mind   just   don't know how [Chorus] I   got this feeling in […]

[Chorus] I’m better off dead It’s always the same I’m better off dead It’s all razors and chains I’m better   off   dead [Verse 1] Break and mend,   […]

戦場の太陽は高く揺れて   感情に棲み着く陰を落とす 知らないまま   痛みに変わること   悟るように 悲しみから生まれた夢も   世界と君が許してくれる そう   瞼の裏で繰り返す   この空が呼ぶ声に 響いて   ただ駆け抜けた   胸に眩い衝動 弾けた想いに   My star will shine forever あの日抱えた全て   […]

I don't know what's playing Deep in my emotions I live so close to the river My dreams sing in slow motion I wait by the waterfront That's where I'll […]

[Verse 1] Lying in my room quite late one night Something I could see made me check my sight Something very strange made me walk outside So I walked outside […]

[Verse 1 – Cadence Weapon] Caught a vibe off the jump now No boss, no job, now I do what I   want   now Staying past sundown Up   […]