October 17, 2020

Put an end to your gas, I got it on lock I'm a bold full stop, you a dot, dot, dot [Bridge] Schizo, chat to my own mind This show […]

Yeah Oh-oh, oh-oh [Chorus: TheHxliday] Her love been giving me chills, yeah These feelings feeling familiar I just want somebody real, yeah I wanna feel something realer Her love been […]

[Hook] Shawty, I’m a baller I’ll buy a bag and spoil ya f*ck her, never call her I’m lyin’ like a lawyer Heels, red bottoms Basic bitches Jordans I could […]

I don’t mind no fear no doubt Walking through a million doors Never step one second for to see what is out I heard you mentioning Something about denying what’s […]

[Intro] We will find where love will become one, woah [Verse 1] I’m so high and nobody cares I walk past and nobody stares Guess it’s not that easy to […]

I’m feeling empty [Chorus] It’s alright, alright now Don’t worry, it’s alright, it’s alright now I’m feeling empty You feeling empty? [Verse 1] Born on the 11th, life gave me […]

[Intro] Ah-ah, ah-ah Yeah, yeah, yeah Ah-ah, ah-ah [Pre-Chorus] I been ridin’ ’round with a hundred in my backseat I know I’m that guy, I’ma tell you if you ask […]

[Intro] Chopsquad [Chorus] I can’t get over my pain Make you feel better f*ck with niggas I know Won’t make you feel better This is a lifestyle that I live […]

You walked into the room Such a stupid thing to do Such a stupid thing to try When you’re around me You looked into my eyes Such a stupid thing […]

Ikke be meg velge side Selv om det finnes fler Hvis jeg vil, la meg tie Når du   vil   vite mer Ikke be   meg si det Er […]

Blast off, last call DOn’t forget that they can see you Out cold, do as you’re told Try to detect your every move Make up, break up Does it matter […]

Ada ada akama, Ada adama yeh Make I no go far, make you no go far Oh   bae   oh bae oh   baby oh bae oh baby yeh […]