October 16, 2020

Chellat liha r’jliha! Lmout 3la ghafla jatou w’datou Wa yallah gouli daba dak l’3a9a fach nf3atou ? Wahéd nhar fél khdma trat liha wahéd l’ksida! Ma b9a fih may tsauva! […]

Monday, I was sleeping on a bed of rippled water Wondering of the times I looked away And I could hardly sleep within the old forgotten order I could not […]

Tell me pack my shit, want me to go, but I won’t leave out the door I’ll stick around, just say you need me for more [Outro] And they say […]

I feel alone and I know you felt like this before Let’s imagine we could be Anything and Anyone, well guess what, we Can be all of those Things So […]

Sister Lauren, love you all the way I’m feeling hopeful that you’ll show a man How to love someone as true as you can Brother brother, we speak day to […]

These wonderful things are the things We remember all through our lives! Pop! There’s a happy feeling Nothing in the world can buy When they pass around the chocolate And […]

Dancing alone in the dark, shadows all over me You messed with my heart too long, that was a big mistake Ooh, yeah, big mistake Ooh, yeah Got a smile […]

Little white horses on carousels and quicksand Am I one of you or one of them Television dulls my senses and reactions I can’t seem to find my way again […]

[Chorus-David Carreira] So you leaving without one word You’ve taken every piece of me I’m breaking I can’t let go I’m shut down I’m shut down Why you leaving without […]

I remember like it’s yesterday oh no 외로움에 힘들던 그때 낯설기만 하던 이 공기도 두렵기만 하던 이 떨림도 Now I know 그 어렸던 마음까지 모두 추억이 되게 해준 너 Cuz […]