October 15, 2020

I just snapped, I pulled the trigger, 6 shots, third of December Told that nigga had a bad temper, why he forget I’m a boss bitch Told that hoe don’t […]

いつでも君のそばにいること それが何より大切さ 君も 僕の隣にいるなら完璧 Ay ya ya 広い Like the sky さあ雲の上 Moving 僕ら以外は Nothing 恐るに足らない 二人だけの楽園 時計の針は Oh yeah yeah 回っていくよ Oh yeah yeah そして重なる運命線 同じ時の中 24 hours 想うよ君だけ […]

treasurer did we lose that much I guess we lost all that fire Didn't look that much inspired I'm always dreaming of perfect weather Where the harmonies can dance forever […]

A girl of little consequence Was dying to be a bride When she saw him at the laundromat And she followed him inside He offered her some softener But could […]

[Verse 1] Had enough conversation I don’t want to hear your pleas no more So much indignation How am I supposed to sleep? [Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause I finally, finally Conquered all […]

When the party’s over, let’s get together Come to my house, bring the cuffs and leather But first let me tell you what’s on my mind In between these legs, […]

Para de me olhar e desconfiar Porque vc pra aproveitar Não vem me dar um beijo? Eu não vou ficar sempre a te esperar Mais se vc quiser tentar Eu […]

Message to Houston We got a problem again There is no navigation Where is our destination Is this our current exit Should we choose to take it Because the nearest […]

Me han contado que Blas está Preparando una fiesta Se que irás esta noche Y que podremos vernos tú y yo Estaremos bailando Hasta que salga el sol Qué felices […]