October 11, 2020

Your hands through my ripped jeans We’re closing in You’re changing the state of my dreams Think we both know what it means Your edge It cut right in Went […]

I know there’s gotta be rain if I want the rainbows And I know the higher I climb, the harder the wind blows Yeah, I’ve gone to sleep, night after […]

The things that I would do to you with just a couple seconds I would color every moment, make you feel like it’s forever I’m comin’ over, so you can […]

[Paroles de “NRV”] [Intro] Grikitibang, grikitibang [Pré-refrain] Medellín, quali’, quali’, quali’, quali’ Équipe, on monte sur Paris, Paris, Paris Elle aime le wari,   wari,   wari, wari Elle veut […]

Sky ain’t the limit, no I got better places to go Livin’ out a childhood dream That’s bigger than the world I’m in Breakin’ every bone in me To find […]

Enough Feeling like a lost child, crying for mother’s love Always on the outside, too afraid to open up, and talk [Chorus] Tell me it’s a long way down Tell […]

Bright, stained lips Talking to the mirror Sun comes out Don’t even care at all Just keep on dancing with those teary eyes

[Chorus] I don’t sip no drank when I gotta keep it real with you (oh yeah) I   lie   from time just   so I don’t gotta deal with […]

Tell you right now, that's gang shit Tell you right now, that's gang shit How many times have I slapped it? (Like how many?) She got a big back, that's […]

I have been at the mercy of love Too many times before I’ve been drowned in the well of lust So many times and lord Where were you when I […]

Lá em Londres, vez em quando me sentia longe daqui Lá em Londres, vez em quando me sentia longe daqui Vez em quando, quando me sentia longe, dava por mim […]

We lifted our sails up And went with the wind Tonight I miss you It’s hard to begin We’d hide in my attic And paint on the walls I’ll never […]

[Verse ] What’s longevity It’s what been stressing me Late nights so they ain’t ever forgetting me I’m sick dawg   reach   if you know   a vet to […]