October 7, 2020

And wait I'm on your side still Wait for something better When I see you washing dishes I think some day you'll cut your hair You'l get tired just like […]

My heat shall anoint them(Blow) [Bridge] What goes around comes around, my nigga And what goes up it must come down, my nigga And soldiers found below the ground, my […]

Diz Me La, Es De Onde Falalaaa O Seu Nome, Contala Mas Mas Sobre Tii, Quero Conhecer So VoceGostas Mas De Ficar Em Casa Ou Gostavas Mas Passiar Na Praia, […]

[Chorus] Drops of sun Remind me of the feels when we were young I know how despair feels I had enough of this drunken old city that we’re from Girl, […]

Comm' change en un clin d'oeil Un ciel qui s' croit en deuil Quand le soleil s'en mêle On va changer d' refrain La lun' c'est pas si loin Suffit […]

[Verse 1] Baby, I've been thinkin' all about you lately With the way you're looking who could really blame me? Oh baby, oh darlin' Of all the other girls I […]

C'est un sale métier que de devoir sans fin N'étant coupeur de bourses Bonneteur charlatan monte-en-l'air aigrefin Vendre la peau de l'ours On demeure parfois pendant des jours entiers Tout […]

Or carry me off in the cold night? I don't really care where I land Could you teach me how to walk in the moonlight? I'd like to get them […]

[Verse 1] Here's a little some I think you should know You can't be feedin' niggas plates and they take it to go You can't be buyin' bitches heels, better […]

Y'avait dans la gorge à Jimmy Tant de soleil à trois cents balles Du blues su rêve et du whisky Tout comme dans les bars à Pigalle Dieu est nègre […]

[Intro] Cold rich nigga seen both sides We just tryna reinvent it like a nose job Mustard on that beat, hoe [Verse 1] I ain’t ever take no shit from […]

Son you know my name You know my wonder, but still you run When the winter came Son you know my name You know my wonder, but still you run […]

Our Bodies Breathing. It’s All Right, We’re In Heaven. Our Blood Is Moving. It’s All Right, We’re In Heaven. This Is Heaven, We’re In Heaven. Our Body’s Broken. It’s All […]