October 6, 2020

Everything I hear and see Is making me sick now 이 모든 것이 거짓말이었으면 좋겠어 질식할 것 같아 [Verse 2] 심장을 울리는 주파수 대역과 뚫어지게 날 보는 맨앞줄의 여자 낯익은 […]

[Hook] M steht für [?] und O für Ott-Deals C für Chivatos, die du draußen am Block siehst R für [?] sahbe O für lass mal dein’n Cousin, hol mir […]

T'as du talent, il faut qu' tu t' pousses Tu devrais donner dans la rousse On est peinard, on peut trahir Seulement voilà, il faut choisir Être dégueulasse ou bien […]

Pour four ounce of cocaine in that pot Cop them Balmains and throw out my Robins Did a show in my draws it was popping f*ck yo baby mama she […]

So if God’s own and only kid Showed up and wound up dead What’s that say about all of this? I stayed in my room all day Mustering some meager […]

I know you don’t, you don’t believe you can. And once for crazy faith. I know you don’t, you don’t believe you can. Love you’re losin’, those you love, Let […]

It was the (beatboxing) that got me (beatboxing) It was the (beatboxing) break (beatboxing) Deflate cuz I was gassed Head over heals in love with the electric drums And spoken […]

Are you hoping for a hero, are you wishing for some luck? Is your head down in the sand, too afraid to bring it up? Or are you just throwing […]

Take ahold of yourself Wash your sins away Take ahold of yourself Wash your sins away You’re f*cked and broke Give your life away I met a girl, she said […]

Doch du bist leider nicht El Mero Mero Die Infos der Cops, was sie wissen wie die Haschsorte: zero zero Komm’n Frankfurter zu dir nach Hause Dann gibt’s ‘n Eisen […]

Keeping the rain off our muscles and bones Skin is ever so lovely no matter the color you’re in Let’s hear it for skin Beautiful skin Let’s hear it for […]

Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine Et nos amours Faut-il qu'il m'en souvienne La joie venait toujours après la peine Vienne la nuit sonne l'heure Les jours s'en vont […]

He a dope boy You ain't tuckin' Uchies in the Goyard Where the f*ck the dough goin'? Shoot them gangstas MrLA Extended state I woke up late Remove my drapes […]