October 4, 2020

[Intro: Cuts] [Part 1] Ah, ich verfluche eure Hypes Stecht was mit Bedeutung, deutet die Tattoobedeutung falsch Und die Rapper heute googlen ihre Lines Packen zusätzlich zur Albumbox nen Jutebeutel […]

Moço, quem me dera qu’esta vida fosse Trocar dicas por uma guita para o meu bolso É que era à boss. Já não brinco sou um perigo e ‘tou sozinho […]

[Vers 1] Min resa var mot solen Långt bortom alla slutna rum Där allting är oändligt Och alla gränser har förevigt suddats ut Jag ville se miraklet Och höra ord […]

[Verse 1] Baring witness seems to suit you best Tender touch of the skin In new robes, you’re dressed [Pre-Chorus] These   days   have been making   me A […]

Donnes-moi une coach sexy J’sais pas pourquoi j’ai peu d’amour pour la fonte Et si je fais des pompes, j’en fais cinq, c’est la honte Un jour j’ai mis des […]

Możesz śmiać się w nos losowi Jeśli wciąż dźwięczy Ci Grosz w kieszeni! Słyszysz raz po raz: Za darmo nic! Chcesz czy nie Musisz zgodzić się z tym! Tak już […]

Now we’re back at the bar Discussing all the things we’ve done And the people we’ve become And every weekend is the same Now I’m out on the street Staring […]

His undulating tragedy I mean maybe I could turn you on [Verse 2:] By design you are the fire Chewing through the lumber Never would the wood be good Enough […]

[Verse 2] I’ve been around The block a couple times I’ll tell you that I know my way around The eyes are shinin’ I am flyin’ Go get that Hair […]

When I'm awake When I'm awake in my bed [?] When I'm awake When I'm awake in my bed [?] When   I'm   awake When I'm awake   in […]

I’m sitting here Tired of living life that’s filled with fear It’s not fair I’m just sick of   being   scared Sometimes life deals   you a shitty hand […]

Well it seems like things are getting worse You’re the black cat on my path, you’ve   crossed   me and I’m   cursed I’m a victim and you’re the […]

Passage Travelling from station to station Every little doubt in acceleration And here comes that feeling I've been awaiting The world began But I had to many things I had […]

[Verse 1] I can hear the sandbox call my name Wanna feel that all turn on me Used to think Caillou would never fade I can feel the summer in […]

C’t’aujourd’hui l’jour de l’an Gaie lon la mon joe ma lurette C’t’aujourd’hui l’jour de l’an Y faut changer d’maîtresse Y faut changer d’maîtresse mon Joe Y faut changer d’maîtresse Échangera […]