July 5, 2020

Vive todos tus dias Como si fuera tu ultimo dia Porque no sabes cuando te toca Tu despedida en esta vida loca Juan se fue de su casa muy enojado […]

Cause when we’re gone, I still think I love you, let me say it again A hundred years is not enough time with you I fantasize about all that we […]

I like my artificial courage A shot of whiskey and beer It makes feel like superman I been   leaning   on it for   years I take my morning […]

When we were kids We believed in everything There’s only one thing left to believe in Now that we’re old And it’s the one thing I cannot ignore That you’re […]

[Outro] And you don’t tell me what to do And you know what I like to do You, you know how much i love you You know I love you […]

Let me into your world At the deep ends of time I gave everything I owned Your imperfections are mine Just shine a light through the night So far it […]