July 2, 2020

(Verse) Long I have to Deal with this Pain Abuse The same shit From niggas that close To feeling me Miss me with   that Acting Been   back tracking […]

don’t you know, did you forget? how could we quit falling starving, the sky’s underneath how could we end up calling becoming introverted enemies don’t you know where? don’t you […]

[Verse] Holdin’ my breath ’til my face turns blue Head under water Breathe deeply, they said I need a weekend again Looking for bright sides Low on the high types […]

(Verse) Mind of a slave These shackles on my feet Just have me falling Running from my demons And this death can hear it calling f*ck yeah Nobody gave a […]

(Chorus) I Never stopped Because I knew Was Gonna be that shit I never quit Because I knew this was the Life id live I kept going Nigga I kept […]

Don’t say anything more I can tell by the way you’re not looking at me Staring at the floor You could at least look me in my eyes and Tell […]

(Verse) Called it Who is you To tell me I’ve been off it Don’t Start it Less it’s what’s I feel And then   I   target Writing Made me […]

In 2001, I attended an audition and became the 4th addition to the Busted 1st edition After 24 hours, those frickin’ Busted bastards Kicked me out and told me I […]

Streets are spawn and most of Mark Ronson Call the fire chief to inspect the arson Y’all got problems, Brooklyn is in the buildin’ We built the buildin’ Easy to […]