June 2020

Yesterday pulled the shades from my eyes Couldn’t hide from what I saw Filled my mind all   that   I should do Til   clouds rolled through and covered […]

Get up and never please, yeah Wake up and this not a dream, yeah I wanna do it all with you I’m so certain and I’m never nervous We been […]

Voice of the streets and relationship And we don’t care what the rumor is f*ck these other hoes ’cause I love my bitch Alexander McQueen and Rockstar jeans The prosecutor […]

I ran into a wall of liquor tonight I really need a cab and there ain’t one in sight I’m wandering and stumbling and falling all over myself I wish […]

[Chorus] Good morning I see your pretty face, you want it Come and get a taste, jump on it Baby, don’t give me a reason Every time I see you […]

[Intro] Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh (Yeah) [Verse 1] Tryna cover pain up buyin’ all these things Lately I been   feeling   like it’s something   missing (Oh, […]

(Skrrt, skrrt) Far from broke and I’m so dope I hope that I don’t get indicted (Ugh) The reason I look the nicest is ’cause I don’t look at prices […]

I always knew you would come for me And now that you’re here, my whole worlds complete You gave me so much more, more than I’d hoped for All of […]

(Let’s get it) I can’t imagine going back broke (Hold on) You’ll stay rich when you claim you poor (Poor) You broke my heart, but you claim you know (Know) […]

Don’t it mean anything? What about the time we invested? Drive a V12 and you don’t even speed I confuse you, you don’t know what to believe When I explain […]

[x3] You lived a life of shame Now play your final game This time you’re bound to lose It’s all a joke to you You worthless piece of shit This […]

[Woohyun] Neomudo nawa talmeun hansungando ttel su eoptdeon [Sungjong] Geureon neo meoreojim eotteokhae My Love No [L] Oh chameul geol geuraesseo Jogeumeun useulgeol geuraesseo majimagiljido molla [Sungkyu] Johatdeon chueokboda apeun […]

I mean its crazy cause its like I can’t be with you and I gotta get the money But it’s like I either gotta get the money or get with […]