June 2020

You at Mickey D’s, you want a number 4, oh This thing is spacey, you ain’t drove the Wraithy, oh f*cked this little thing that work at Macy’s, eww (Yeah) […]

[Verse 1] Yeah When you needed help with finding yourself Then I had you solve When you were alone and   you   needed friends I gave   you them […]

Lo primero que mire Nomas al cruzar las puerta Aquel hermoso par de piernas Cubiertas con medias negras Desde el banco de la barra Lanzaba miradas tiernas Prometiendo con sus […]

Johnny don’t say goodbye Johnny do as he like Johnny, hey man, alright He say, “Hey man, alright” Let it ride Let it ride Let it ‘Cause if it moves […]

Well I guess I’ll have to fall in love with strangers Go ride through New York City like I’m famous And if our lives don’t work then we can change […]

[Verse 1: kenzie] Pressure buildin’, put that on me Time to finish what we started Give me what I always   wanted Mirror,   mirror, tell me   something [Pre-Chorus: […]

Chicken tenders in my hotel, yeah Christina’s in my bed watchin’ TV shows When she hit the remote with her legs shakin’, that’s good love makin’ Watchin’ wherever my head […]

Play this song [Intro] Pull up Pull up tonight Tonight Tonight [Chorus] Play out your fantasy (Baby) Let out your stress on me (Stress on   me) You   know […]

Play this song [Chorus] Had to learn a little bit, grow a little bit Realize on the way up That I   was   taught so many   lessons Yeah, […]