June 29, 2020

[Verse 1: kenzie] Pressure buildin’, put that on me Time to finish what we started Give me what I always   wanted Mirror,   mirror, tell me   something [Pre-Chorus: […]

Chicken tenders in my hotel, yeah Christina’s in my bed watchin’ TV shows When she hit the remote with her legs shakin’, that’s good love makin’ Watchin’ wherever my head […]

Play this song [Intro] Pull up Pull up tonight Tonight Tonight [Chorus] Play out your fantasy (Baby) Let out your stress on me (Stress on   me) You   know […]

Play this song [Chorus] Had to learn a little bit, grow a little bit Realize on the way up That I   was   taught so many   lessons Yeah, […]

Play this song [Intro: Pop Smoke] Look, bah, grrt, woo (Yoz, what you tellin’ me?) Hold up, yeah, woo [Chorus: Pop Smoke] Look, see them hatin’ ass   niggas   […]

Your poetic mind, I can listen to you for hours Like a valentine, darling you talk like flowers [Pre-Chorus] Don’t you know Don’t you know you’re better Than you think […]

Far, far away Far, far away Far, far away Far, far away Can you take me away? I’m really hopin’ you would chime in [Pre-Chorus] Maybe if I Knew better, […]

Play this song [Intro] Ooh-oooh, ayy Oooh-ooh, ay-yeaah [Chorus] I sent her to Chicago ’cause she love to swallow (Sent her to   Chicago) I   put her center   […]

I’m hanging on by a thread I shouldn’t need your company But when I look at your eyes I’m back to all of those nights Yeah, let me take you […]

Show me your sexy little intellect And I’ll show you how to make your head and body disconnect My darkest feelings start to coalesce And I feel the bubbles as […]

(brothers) I don’t know Yeah, I’ve seen struggles I’ve seen pain I’ve seen beyond the mess we made I’ve seen things that I cannot change And it hurts my heart […]