June 28, 2020

Mi hai chiesto se ti amavo, io ho glissato Ho preso, speso, colpi, soldi più di quelli, frate’, che ho incassato Ero sballato ad Amsterdam, quasi cadevo nei canali Vestito […]

I’ve got many things to learn I’ve got energy to burn I’ve got forgiveness to earn My buisness is none of your concern Or maybe I’m just seizing Or maybe […]

I’ve been sad, I’ve been lost, I’ve been down and out and lonely I’ve been suffering at a job in a world that tries to own me But when I […]

(Oh) I don’t wanna play no games (No games) This is more than just a phase (Yeah) Baby, would you ever wanna be my girlfriend? I don’t wanna play no […]

[Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I can’t trust nobody I can’t trust nobody Yeah [Verse] I can’t trust nobody I can’t trust   nobody I’m   from the south   […]

Was it sum’n I said That made me your idol See I’d rather be dead That’s why I’m suicidal And my head keeps spinnin like every day But it’s best […]

(Hmm) Is you down for the trizzy? Baby, let’s see I’m super turnt, I can’t pick up (Pick up) Popped a molly, let’s link up, ayy (Link up) We throw […]

Given everything that I’ve got It will be, it will be Oh Berlin Oh Berlin It was all I ever wanted It ends and I begin Oh Berlin Oh Berlin […]

(No) Don’t wanna get   dressed   up   to pretend (No) I   can lie and   say I’m fine Maybe you’ll stop calling then [Pre-Chorus] I’ve got chips […]

(Can I, can I?) ‘Cause you’re the only gift on my list, only thing I been wanting Can I open mine tonight? (Get up in mine tonight) Baby can I, […]