June 27, 2020

I’m watching the lines, looks like Christ is defined All these names in my arms is my salvation through the bad times Revolution in my back telling stories of the […]

Muthfukas can’t get through us Murder beats go sue us Jesus piece with Buddhas Shopping spree 돈 부어 난 내 옷에 쏟아부어 f*ck everything like I’m seventeen Muthafukas can’t get […]

“I little repressed and a hopeless romantic You become some sort of love crazy wild man” “And if you’re somebody like Dorian?”

Ich habe Dein Gesicht gesehen Im fahlen Licht so wunderschön Alles um Dein Sein erlischt Das Blut auf weißer Haut verwischt Ich stehe reglos, schau’ Dich an Bis ich mich […]

[Songtext zu „Farbe Lila“] [Part 1] Zu viele Tränen sind gefall’n Yeah, ich schieße meinen Schädel in das All Ich hab’ gemerkt, Mann, ich wurd’ es nicht los Es knabbert […]

[Intro] [Verse 1:] You get mad And you say things That you don’t mean You fly off the wall You load yo gun And take yo aim Then shoot yo […]

Is it ever gonna be the time to fall? My friends already thought I was crazy But now they wanna lock up (Don’t screw this up) They sick of hearing […]

[Emil Ekelund] Vejen til succes er lang og snørklet og kringlet Je-jeg, vi-vi har vel alle en drøm om at suse ned ad strandvejsen, i en kirsebærfarvet chevrolet Med et […]

Akþam dalgalar vurur sahil boyuna vurur içimi yýkar Siyah kelebeklerim uçar delice ahým ölüme kadar Gönül acýlar çeker yalnýz baþýna Yeter bu kadar yeter Yarim bu günahlarýn kalmaz yanýna Mevlam […]

[Verse 1] A day when southern Manitoba could not be more sublime “God’s good blessings to you my friend” it’s a freshness unparalleled With budding leaves, a gentle breeze, rays […]

We drove my old car to the country I was seeing stars And you kept laughing and laughing At everything we left behind With just one thing on our minds […]