June 26, 2020

Come down to the surface The surface reflects the light Beneath the outer The darkness obscures the light Come down to the shallows In contours Out of the rivers Your […]

It’s black, as coal The language of silence The nothingness, dark as the crow’s gown The feather of the crow falls dumb and quietly down In the grass you are […]

Talk is cheap, forget it, never mind Shoulda seen the signs I know your kind, know your kind You’ll always be mine inside my mind I’m talking bout you, who […]

[Pre-Chorus] I would (If I would), I would (If I would) I would (If I would), I   would   (If I would) I   would (If I would), I […]

‘Cause’ I’m a crazy [Post-Chorus] Could you love me? ‘Cause I’m a crazy Could you love me? [Verse 1] I’m sorry for all the stupid things I’m saying right now […]

[Intro] This shit sound like motherf*ckin’ Final Fantasy, goddamn Zelda, some shit like that Nintendo 64 type shit,   no   cap, ha Go [Chorus] I don’t   wanna be […]

Mein Leitbild heißt Respekt und ist mein Ideal Und ob schwarz oder weiß ist mir scheißegal Ein Germane soll die Zukunft sein Ohne braunes Licht aus rechtem Schein [Chorus] Ich […]

[Verse 1] I know I live in you, mother That burden buried inside The cause of sleepless nights, you’ve cried Today is the day please don’t give me away Don’t […]

[Verse 1] Kodiak lip packed, Busch Light six pack Buzz, bay, thick bass hung up on the hook The truck muddy, somethin’ funny, rolled up Up and country music in […]

[Verse 1] Felt the pull of the night calling from some greater meaning There was guiding lights pulling me closer to an end tonight When I saw you standing there […]

Yeah the locals know where the local crowd lives On Tuesdays from seven to nine Yeah, they talk all the time how just overnight The high-school’s doubled in size In […]

Acepto el reto de la hoja en blanco igual Que un duelo con revolver bajo el sol de OK Corral Llamame Doc Holly day del wordplay Original Smith & Weason […]

How long does it take To feel the same? [Verse 1] Deal me in again I will, but when? [Chorus] I’ll be honest, prob’ly not what you wanna hear Try […]

[Intro: Khary] Yeah Hey Thousands, and thousands and thousands Of feet up in the sky We find ourselves Yeah [Pre-Chorus: Khary and Olu Bliss] Smoke just a little Float just […]