June 23, 2020

[Verse 1] Save your breath, my brother, it’s not going in I’m not your disciple, I choose how I sin I’ve got a distant memory of previous lives So don’t […]

You are waging war against yourselves Taking the blame Bearing a cross that is theirs Living their shame Like   a   ghost you swim These   forests of flesh […]

Why me, why him, why her?” But the real question underlies the theme We know you have the drugs You keep them under lock and key In the west away […]

[1.Part – Chakuza] Rap hat Flugzeuge im Bauch und hat auf Zuschauer gehofft Guck deine Crew hat Joints geraucht Und hat nun Hubschrauber im Kopf Man wozu brauchst du Bauer […]

Oldies rap México Mr. Yosie Locote South Side Suenan las oldies, paseando en las ranflas Vatos choleros, sureña la ganga Si, mexicano, visto tumbado Coco pelón, gafa negra y tatuado […]

“Mets les voiles”… A son doux visage Barcelona, prends-la en otage. Amigo! Deambule, Dehanche-toi plus Elle deambule, Dans tes avenues, tes rues, “Mets les hommes”… A ses pieds si tendres, […]

Rubber Ducky I’m awfully fond of you! Rubber Ducky You’re the one You make bath time Lots of fun! Rubber ducky your so fine And I’m lucky that you’re mine […]

I won’t let myself forget ‘Cause every time, every time, every time I see you I know I’m not ready yet [Pre-Chorus] No, I don’t want somebody else, feels like […]

[Verse 2] I don’t feel like we’re done here You got a lock on the things I want I’m a lost, lonely one here who’s addicted to holding on I […]