June 22, 2020

Mi guardi male per questo orologio (Pah, pah) Ora che tutta l’Italia mi sente (Milano), i soldi non prenderanno il controllo (Milano) Per ogni tipo che mi sta infamando (Fanculo), […]

Gifford’s pines Born to a family sound and safe I never knew home could be anything but fine I never touched the darkness, I never went astray I was treasured […]

Here, we’re standing calm – and never speak We will not talk – ’cause we’re too weak The words that harm – were never said They’ll never be – until […]

Kisah ini berawal dari instagram Dan kita saling mengenal lebih dalam Rasanya ingin ku membawa dia Dari dunia maya ke dunia nyata Aahh..aahh..aahh..aahh..aahh Kisah ini gila ku tlah jatuh cinta […]

[Lyrics from snippet] You could never beat If you were winning, you would never cheat That’s how good my love   is That’s   how good my   love is

[Chorus] I-I-I-Ik ben met die tigers, tiger-tiger-tigers En we hangen niet met liars,   liar-liar-liars En   je ex die   is de mijne, mijne-mijne-mijne Ja, ‘k hang   met […]

Ne pense plus à lui, tu t’fais du mal, s’te plaît n’y pense plus Il a souillé ton âme, toi tu t’es battue Ton cœur est plus précieux que de […]

(This is where we are) Wake up, Romeo Enough about you That’s gotta go We gotta gotta, long long way to go And you’re nobody without me Wake up, Romeo […]

They’re pulling out a token of the life you’ve fully lived This core we share, unbroken, to you we freely give Awoken in the morning arisen from my bed I […]

Got my dark shades like I can’t see you But you know I’ve got my eyes on you Fell in love with the bartender We part taking If there’s money […]

How is it to love and live temporary? Know you’re brave to jump back into I’ll applaud it Why can it not be another season’s enough? As I hold your […]

[Romanized:] Dasi hanbeon naege malhaejwo Dasi geunalcheoreom saranghandago haejwo Mideul su eopseotji neoui modeun geose Like looking in the mirror Dala itdeon uri Sarangeul malhaejudeon geu yeppeun ipsuri Kkuk jamgwojin […]

That’s   why it’s an acronym for riot Everybody   has a voice, don’t you dare stay silent If you say nothing, you are an accessory to violence Let these […]

[Romanized:] Swan uahage Like Swan Swan Swan Like Swan Swan Swan (MAMA) Deureobollae donghwa soge naol beopan yaegi Uri duri duri duri Mandeun bimil bimil bimil Damadullae du nun soge […]