June 19, 2020

Un piede dopo l’altro E un lungo respiro Qualcosa chiama indietro Non mi giro Deciso è il mio avanzare Come una mano in un tiro Sciolto il mio incedere Più […]

My niggas putting in that work, She put that p*ssy in reverse I got my diamonds   out   that dirt, I   risk it all for what its   […]

Benvenuto fra noi Non te ne pentirai Oh mamma, mamma nel Locale Quanto mi diverto Cento diversi tipi di   divertimento A   passo svelto, ballo   a passo lento […]

Lähden vaikka avaruuslaivaan ja tähtien taa Levoton voi olla vaik ois turpa kiinni kaiken aikaa Jos tahdot kukan Saatkin enemmän Jos tahdot naisen Saat oudon ystävän Sä oot hurja Sitä […]

(and this is nothing like I thought it might be) This is my refuge…awake. If over the hills you hear cries, they’ll never touch you. Drums and Shotguns slipped away […]

Pkreeee I no fit thank you enough (Jesu) For the effa you give me (eh) Omo to toju   mi   gan (uhm) To moke   oko O fun mi […]

Late at night When I’m awake And everyone has gone to sleep I hear a noise From far away It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard I asked my brother “What […]

They suck your blood, they’re thirsty, need more That’s how they stuff the banks, their pockets, you know Your eviction becomes their compensation F**king sewer rats… it’s all big talk […]

Siente comm’è doce ‘a voce ‘e Napule Siente comm’è doce ‘a voce ‘e Napule Siente comme abbrucia ‘o core a Napule Siente comm’è doce ‘a voce ‘e Napule Siente comme […]

Living free You don’t always see The beauty that he can bring When you’re a million miles away from home He said He loves you and he’s done with me […]