June 13, 2020

What about love? This earth is crying How many more people have to die until you Burn all your flags? I am wondering why One man kills himself Million people […]

[Chorus] Where am I going? Got too high, it feel like I’m rollercoastin’ It’s just sometimes I forget   that   I was chosen Can’t   waste my life, keep […]

[Verse] He didn’t get the message, DDB slide in the Lexus Tried to hide in the church so we shoot up the reverend I got a coke plug with the […]

[Muffled Scatting by Scatman John] [GIRLS:] Take your time on the morning after Better watch your heart, when the beat gets faster Baby I know, I’ll never let you go […]

De letztn Tåg hom mi donn doch a weng vaändert Und a Teil vo mir is zruck bliem auf de kargen weiten Föder I hob jo oiwai glaubt, I wuad […]

[INTRO] Pa rabésé ko mwen a nivo sé mesié pou An ka soti’y si ni an dout Red, sal, an béni, an béni [Couplet 1] Pa rabésé ko mwen a […]

Wetin be love if you nor dey ooo (If you nor dey) It’s really not the same Oh-ooh no I never thought Thought that I could love Anybody, the way […]

[Intro] Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, yup Sound ’bout right No, nope, that sounds, that sound ’bout right Uh-huh, yeah No, you ain’t,   you   ain’t never telled   a lie You […]

Well I lived on the outskirts of town In an eight room farmhouse, baby When my brothers and friends were around There was always somethin’ doin’ Had me a couple […]

[Estribillo] Mis temas revientan como un virus No te estoy hablando ni de kilos Saben que no pueden   conmigo Ando   Over Power Porque tengo   amigos Mis temas […]

Visions of truth, we’ve got to find Gotta keep moving past all lies Don’t waste no time, on lies Baby it’s love that makes us lead in I promise you […]

Postin’ on your Insta Baby, where your manners? You ain’t seen it yet I’m seein’ blue, blue, blue, baby, that’s a bag, uh Call you one time, ’cause I gotta […]