June 11, 2020

TALVEZ No era un chico como los demas Sus detalles su forma de hablar Su mirada era tan especial Y de poco a poco enamoro mi corazon Lo llegue a […]

[Hook: Mugeez] Philomina Angelina Even Maemuna That Was Yesterday Ooh Selina Angelina Carolina That Was Yesterday Ooh oh eh [Verse 1: Mugeez] Yes, You Know! Yeah Woa Feeli A Hyɛ […]

[Intro: Yukyung] 찰랑 [Verse 1: Bella, Hyeseong] 좁혀줘 Uh 우리 사이를 알 듯 말 듯하잖아 지금은 좀 밤마다 Uh 네 생각에 나 잠이 점점 줄어들고 있어 [Pre-Chorus: Sohee, Yukyung, Karin] […]

[Verse 1] The young and relentless Stay woke but we’re restless Routine takes its toll On your body mind and soul So bored of indifference At least you’re consistent You’re […]

(Instrumental) There’s something that you’re going to be able to say, when you [?] Thirty years from now, when you’re sitting around watching TV Grandson on your knee, and he […]

Wait for me please God forgive me Wait Wait for me please God forgive me Wait for me please God forgive me Wait for me please God forgive me Wait […]

음 I’m so   serious? 아님 나쁜 사람? [Verse 1] Yeah, yeah 산들바람 스쳐가는 사람 스며드는 사람 나는 어떤 사람 나는 좋은 사람? Why so serious? 평가는 가지각색 그냥 나도 […]

Come and get it, hit it like a lightning strike Come and get it, wear it like an iron spike They ain’t got your number and no, nobody’s right Come […]

OBS Gang, Upstruct Gang, 104 Nutte was los?! Sie sieht aus, als gab man ihr Cola statt Zitze Nach oben an die Spitze, ich weih Toys den Untergang Babsis erster […]

푹 빠져 있던 게 이런 거겠지 아마 너 허당 같을 때 바보 같을 때마다 싫지 않아 싫지 않아 사랑스럽기만 해 그게 그냥 너니깐 끼리끼리 놀 단 말 꼭 우릴 보고하는 […]

Are you ready to listen ma toli oo ee Since sarafina i no dey love again, ey If no be today wey she telling me gobe oo ee She no […]

[Verse 1] In a world of shit and I’m a pile of it Without a f*cking drink I’m reminded of it Take another shot before the feeling sets in Going […]

[Verse 1: Agust D] 나이를 먹어가고 세상을 알아가네 그럼에도 세상을 모르는 게 더 약이었을까 불이 꺼진 방 안과는 전혀 다른 야경을 바라보며 낮게 읊즈린   말 [Pre-Chorus: Agust D] 점점 […]

positive hardcore, the flame still burns can’t describe it with better words i love the people, the music, the shows positive attitude in our soul