June 10, 2020

유행이 된 힙합, 하지만 꿈에서 깼어, 난 이건 내게 사는 법, 잠깐의 흥미 아니고 어릴 적에 친구를 사귀는 대화 같은 것 이제는 모두 바쁘고 의견이 서로 갈리고 멀어졌다 해도 각자의 […]

I promised you sunsets, I brought the whole damn world down Broke down horses on this one way merry-go-round We were stars of a circus that’s been gone long from […]

[Chorus] We had a dream 2 kids and a big house Movie nights on our big couch Bedtime stories   till   they pass out Lights   out, oh We […]

I got corruption in me It was guarantee that it would Make me rise I got corruption in me Because i’m a human being With opposable thumbs And an abnormal […]

[Verse 1] Suddenly, the ground gives way The spirit moves down the hall Fate reveals the dark remains Of faith in its last resolve [Chorus] Left behind those who wait […]

We are but simple pawns in the game you play What do we have to do to prove we are more violent in the strangest ways? Cos I’ve been watching […]

[Intro] This could be the real thing if we let it This could be the real thing,   the   real thing [Verse 1] You and   me, babe, been […]

Juste un sosie, de toi chaque nuit, ne m’apporterait pas l’oubli Daisy, oh oui reviens Daisy, l’espoir d’une vie craque entre mes doigts jaunis Rejoue-moi ce vieux mélodrame, tu sais […]

No one will admit that life is overrated They rather trade emotions for expensive stakes We say there’s a time to pretend to protest But we prefer the one we […]

What is your name again? What is your name again? Your face look so familiar, what is your name again? I can’t remember your name Yeah, yeah, ayy, yeah, yeah […]

Despertar procurar continuar otro día en este lugar Debajo de este cielo gris Disfrazando la noche de presa Un extraño silencio envuelve las calles Y los fantasmas invaden la noche, […]