June 7, 2020

[Verse 1] I feel your energy, boy you know my leverage (eh) We got this energy, you take my heartbreak away And on my darkest days, you show me a […]

Unter dessen sitz’ ich mit Wein und Weed Und Pac’s “All Eyez On Me” in der Kleingartensiedlung Und während die Platte rotiert denk ich so lachend bei mir: “Für eine […]

[Songtext zu „DAS RENNEN“] [Hook] Ich hoff’, eines Tages, wir gewinn’n das Rennen (Das Rennen) Wie bei Red Dead Redemption (Hah) Irgendwann   der   Letzte wie Shanks   (Ja) […]

What don’t you know I am a legit boss Ok I’m brown skin In the fountain Of youth So astounding I’m a cool kid You knew this Legit boss Like […]

Pills got me feel like a hero 머릿속은 벌써 성공 자꾸만 커져 가 동공 주변엔 악마들 온통 선과 악이 없어 혼동 하지만 머리엔 돈돈 내 인생 한방의 로또 하지만 머리엔 […]

Girl I been searching All over the world You know I’m looking for ya Love you from the very first time that I saw ya And you know I need […]

That’s okay (That’s okay) (You know why?) I’m too bad I get crazy but not too bad (Too bad) Happy, sometimes I’m sad (I’m sad) Can’t handle me? That’s too […]

How are you happy now When I’m still breaking [Verse 1] Hey, I found your black Converse They made me think of us And how we wore each   other […]

Across the plains of yesterday Another name won’t fade away We’ll go back on down the trail to Jesse James Swinging doors to old saloons Missing keys, gone out of […]

Raw,. [Refrain] Pleins phares, pleine lune sur la ville Flamme sort du pot d’échappement quand je navigue Elle est prête, elle veut l’faire sur le parking Pleins phares, pleine lune […]

No sera el aroma e’ tu pelo La perfeccion de tu cuerpo O es algo que no puedo entendel Es algo que me motiva Me sube la adrenalina y me […]