June 3, 2020

How can I cope with anybody if nobody copes with me? How can I cope with anybody if nobody copes with me? Now I know the pain and the heartache […]

I thought you were harder regardless of shit f*cking your bitch as she all on my dick and I tell her you nothing go harder than this I’m on the […]

[Intro] Yeah Oh my god, Ronny [Chorus] She gon’ ride for me because she know I got that fishscale (Ooh) Pick a Louis, pick a Gucci, gotta peep the details […]

My lil’ niece is startin’ (Neice is startin’) The vehicles foreign (Foreign) Feel like I’m soarin’ (Yeah) [Chorus] Make ’em bleed for the season I got pretty tings overseas, yeah […]

Mama mia Corazon tuyo, fusil d’assaut Buenos días, my love Tu réponds pas quand j’this allô [Refrain] Oh my, j’espère qu’t’as pas trouvé bonheur ailleurs Oh my, j’suis d’vant ta […]

I know that it will be alright I want   you   to   be on my   side Together living paradise I know that it will be alright I […]

What are you gonna do? Doggerel Who are only trying To break even Forget what I told you Before Doggerel Remember this one thing How could you   forget Trying […]

Open books and writing down Thoughts moving round and round Despite everything I thought I’d learned Here I   am   again With my whole   world turned upside down […]

And the night falls, exile of the darkened senses With bad grace and its commonplaces Light on   /   to avoid seeing   this grey As light can’t open […]

I been lost for way too long Since you’re gone, since you’re gone Yeah the sun has been hiding it’s face Since I treated you wrong Oh my, what am […]

Nha kretcheu .. Bo e’ nha vida… Nha sentimento ka ten limiti na amor .. Un cre fica ku bo… N’ta amabo nha amor.. N’ta amabo un kre ficar ku […]

He staked out a place where the view would be good To watch you fall flat trying to walk in his shoes And laughter it skipped through the trees end […]

Gun at your head and finger on the trigger, I knew what you would do We talked for hours and the tears came down, you needed an escape I’m glad […]

Zag ze staan en heb het dan gefixt Ze viel voor mij, ik kreeg ze dichterbij Mijn reden voor alles is enkel zij, zij [Refrein] Ik had genoeg van de […]

Letra de “Perdona La Espera” Hello, PJ habla claro como albino Tu carrera esta cerca delfín como Dan Marino Entendiste ¿del fin? pescao no subestime Cada vez que rime vua […]