June 1, 2020

[Verse 1] It’s closin’ time and they’re stackin’ up chairs As the band tears down under neon light Another party’s over, and I’m a far cry from sober And a […]

[Chorus] I ain’t goin’ back to my hood for shit Heard they just killed Neighborhood Nip Popping pills   ’til   it make me   sick (Yeah) You show the […]

[Intro: Iggy Azalea and Lil Yachty] Face down (Go) Back it up (Ayy) Drop it Drop it down low, then pop it [Chorus: Iggy Azalea] Face down (Face down), ass […]

[Intro] Ugh, I’m bored [Verse 1] God damn, oh here we go again Chillin’ at the crib, we ain’t fit   to   do shit We can’t   even sit […]

하루하루 늘어갈 뿐이야 널 향한 그리움은 아픔은 늘 새롭지만 넌 너의 길을 가네 원한다면 기다릴 수 있어 난 그대로인 거야 떠난   건   너 혼자였으니 그대로 돌아오면   돼 […]

[Couplet 1] Dès qu’j’ouvre les yeux, j’ai les nerfs ; dès qu’j’émerge, ça dégénère Dès qu’j’me lève, j’vais faire des guerres et, même si j’perds, j’persévère C’est des merdes et […]

My bombshell calm in a violent tangle Blindfold & swing, bad moods in a spiral Gifts all present, acquaintences soaked in spirits Raging skull as I burst apart in bold […]

I say I’m waiting on my Percs I can see your cousins now with they faces on your shirt [Chorus] Hold on, wait, ayy, bitch Hold on, hold on, hold […]

Yesterday pulled the shades from my eyes Couldn’t hide from what I saw Filled my mind all   that   I should do Til   clouds rolled through and covered […]

Get up and never please, yeah Wake up and this not a dream, yeah I wanna do it all with you I’m so certain and I’m never nervous We been […]

Voice of the streets and relationship And we don’t care what the rumor is f*ck these other hoes ’cause I love my bitch Alexander McQueen and Rockstar jeans The prosecutor […]

I ran into a wall of liquor tonight I really need a cab and there ain’t one in sight I’m wandering and stumbling and falling all over myself I wish […]

[Chorus] Good morning I see your pretty face, you want it Come and get a taste, jump on it Baby, don’t give me a reason Every time I see you […]

[Intro] Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh (Yeah) [Verse 1] Tryna cover pain up buyin’ all these things Lately I been   feeling   like it’s something   missing (Oh, […]

(Skrrt, skrrt) Far from broke and I’m so dope I hope that I don’t get indicted (Ugh) The reason I look the nicest is ’cause I don’t look at prices […]

I always knew you would come for me And now that you’re here, my whole worlds complete You gave me so much more, more than I’d hoped for All of […]