Miraa May – Commit Lyrics

All you gotta do is quit f*cking those bitches and give me your love
It’s not a hard thing, don’t make it so complicated for me
What can I say? He don’t wanna commit
He says he’s too young
I still love him though
Even when he’s wrong
All I ever want, is your undivided, sweet attention
Boy don’t hide it please
He don’t wanna commit
He says he’s too young
I still love him though
Am I young and Dumb? I don’t know if I can wait
But I don’t want another man
Cause they can’t be like you, Can do what you can
And yet you choose to judge me and conclude that they’ll be others after you
Oh what a fool, can’t you see the truth is in my eyes
You don’t wanna commit
Boy I think you’re scared
That I’ma go f*ck me another man
Although I have your care
I wouldn’t do that, you should know me better boy
Don’t you know that? You can tell me anything
Boy I trust you with my life
I just need reciprocation then everything will be alright
Be mine, Won’t you be mine? All these feelings inside your brain, why you tryna hide it? I just wanna Commit
I don’t think I’m too young
‘Cause I just love you boy
I’m confused and way too dumb
Do you feel the same? Put my faith in you, Will you catch me darling please? Can’t you be mine? All the times we had
Let it go to waste
Would you feel a way or would you just go about your day? You don’t wanna commit
You say you’re too young
I still love you though
Tell me am I wrong? Boy I’m tired of fighting Is that your game? Do I know the truth? Are you leading me on? Can’t you be mine? You’re moving like some demon boy
See, I just wanna commit
Why you making it so hard? You should know by now
It’s been a while
Since we’ve been together in this situation
Don’t you know that there’s a misconception of how I feel
How you feel, what we’ll do
How we’ll get to the end, but I don’t know, all I want is for you to tell me
Aren’t you that excited? Don’t you wanna fight it? Won’t you be mine? Am I falling?