May 28, 2020

Sinto saudade já sentia até mesmo antes de te conhecer Sinto saudade do domingo lá em casa sem ter nada pra fazer Sinto saudade de deixar você prestando o quinto […]

[Paroles de “Plume”] [Intro] Lourd comme une plume [Couplet 1] J’aimerais être contemporain autant qu’intemporel Pour ça j’contemplerai le ciel J’suis d’ceux qui tendent l’oreille Pas d’ceux qu’attendent pour rien […]

These days I feel like everybody’s got their number one buddy Except me And these days I feel like I’m nobody’s number one priority Everyone’s more important than me But […]

Wir saufen uns die Hucke voll Saarland – Skinheads Wir tun was uns gefällt Am Wochenende aus dem Alltag raus Wird die Stimmung wieder groß Trifft man sich in ner […]

É Essa noite eu vou tentar me transformar em vento Para impedir que esse avião saia daqui Levando a minha vida É Eu sei que para você oito meses é […]

[Paroles de “Mauvaise graine”] [Intro] Mauvaise graine, mauvaise graine Une mauvaise graine, yeah À six ans, j’ai dû voir un psy, j’ai dû voir un psy À seize ans, j’ai […]

[Intro] New phone, yeah, I’m goin’ ghost Put that bitch on airplane mode In the party and I got my pole You a lame, need to play your role Gin$eng, […]

I’m completely numb Why you acting dumb I won’t blame myself ’cause we both know you were the one I don’t know what to do, you don’t know what to […]

(Oh, and I know she’s no good) Boss Don Biggavel (But still, I keep my head up high) Grease (And try to do the things that a good man should, […]

[Strophe 1] Das halbe Volk dreht durch Während die Seuche sich verbreitet Jeder Funke Macht wird ausgespielt Sich selbst der Weg bereitet Doch was ist daran noch aufrecht? Ich muss […]

Why is she crying, what’s the price tag? Who’s that girl now labeled "Gaga"? Oh Don’t play with me, it just hurts me I’m bouncing off the walls No-no-no, I’m […]

I might be too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence Started not to give a f*ck and stopped fearing the consequence Drinking every night because we drink to my […]

Gin$eng! [Hook] ‘Tussin in my cup, yeah, I’mma OD Yeah, I know he mad ’cause his pockets on E Always chasin’ bands, yeah, my pockets on glee Bro he got […]

[Intro] (Love me, love me) (Say that you love me) (Fool me, fool me) (Go on and fool me) [Verse 1] Dear,   I   fear we’re facing   a […]

Left hand up, right hand on the bible You walked in I was dead on arrival My heart and head playin’ tricks, bein’ rivals, hey Tryna move on but I’m […]