May 27, 2020

You niggas bitches and you really like to talk a lot Show up at the bar and leave his body in the parking lot Keep talking bitch and we gone […]

Eppure lo sapevamo anche noi L’odore delle stive L’amaro del partire Lo sapevamo anche noi E una lingua da disimparare E un’altra da imparare in fretta Prima della bicicletta Lo […]

Who needs another rock song Hustler girl, Hustler girl I love you platinum blond hair Hustler girl, Hustler girl You know everybody in town Hustler girl, Hustler girl Agora sem […]

[Verse 1] I don’t really want to say much, I’ll let the beats speak As my homie, Frank John turns this sample to a beat But, I’m a mellow, jello […]

Breakout a strange ideal The breeding grounds are people in crowds Artifact discovered caused by human future Positions the mystery of life A major shift that goes nowhere Pandemic disease, […]

[Verse 1] Feel Your own The only one you’ll ever really Know [Chorus] In your inner gaze You will find the sage And build a circle of Creation [Verse 2] […]

Je suis un robot Je suis une machine Je suis un frigo Appelle-moi Alaska En métal, en acier En ferraille, toute glacée Un monstre de B.D Engin téléguidé Moi qui […]

I’m loosing all control Now I don’t feel alone You really make me smile this Christmas Oh! When I was a little child, All the emotions, the surprise About knowing […]

I let my demons play with devils of my lifestyle Just to feel excitement and thriller, maybe I might smile A night out with no rest, you can see here […]

Chest pains Alcohol poisoned Pretending nothing is wrong I’m young enough to rebound Is that how Jimmy felt? f*ck this shit It hurts trying to sleep Awake til 3 a.m […]

[Letra de “Ahora”] [Verso 1] Ahora sé que el mundo Es un lugar para encontrarse Que la gente viene y va Y vuelve con uno a conectarse El rumbo es […]