May 26, 2020

Sky……….. (4X) (2X) Don´t put your arms around me don´t put your arms around me embrace the sky the endless sky (3X) Sky………. A million lovers passed me by sheeplike […]

Well, you’re the cutest thing that I did ever see I really love your peaches, want to shake your tree Lovey dovey , lovey dovey all the time Lovey dovey, […]

You wrote it instantly when I found you and you landed smack bang here on my lap Like a gift from outer space, yeah I was out my face Never […]

Today is the day that I chuck Everything I thought out the door Today is the day I ask myself What the hell was I living for, that’s right Today […]

Everybody’s got to live together All the people got to understand So love your neighbour Like you love your brother Come on and join the band Well all you need […]

[Paroles de 7liwa “Slaoui”] [Couplet 1] F blad trami bzaf, l’3omla katwlli ddakar Ghadi herban shad taxi byed korsa l’ l9amar Kantstta wra l’fjer 9bel may7ma9 she3b slaoui Madirhach bya […]

Take you to highest high and lowest low Oh Ruby, I don’t think so James was a well-known man around town He sold houses to the masses In the state […]

[Intro] Icey, I’m so sick of you [Chorus] Ha, ha, ha, ha, laughin’ at these niggas, hmm Put that fire on his ass, dragon to these niggas, yeah It’s a […]

Oh, so don’t you forgot, we’re not close to broken yet (We’re not close to broken yet) You watched me go through my first break up We ate enough ice […]

He galloped along He galloped along He galloped along There’s a vision of a boy up on his   throne It   carried him far Anywhere   he needed to […]

Have you ever felt my love burns so bright Like a fireball in your palms? [Chorus] More than all the things that I’ve seen You will always be part of […]

[Strofa 1] Il tempo che passiamo insieme lascia il segno di manette sopra i polsi Lo colgo dai giorni trascorsi lontano Lo colgo dai ricordi ai quali ci aggrappiamo Come […]

[Letra de “Lo Perdona”] [Verso 1] Siempre se corre en la chance De luchar nunca se cansa Pone todo en la balanza La lastiman pero avanza Siempre a la vida […]

Tba3 m3a lghobra Fin howa l3chir? Mister You “Zmagri”] [Intro : Mister You] Razzy, shit man! Mat f lghorba Mat b ssekra, khoya, mat b lghomma Kun gha mat 7dana, […]

[Verse 1] If I stayed with you Longer than I had to Would I know the light Shining in my bedroom [Pre-Chorus] And I ain’t my mother But you are […]