May 24, 2020

I’m a record collection, a dedicated section I’m a memory of everything you’ve ever seen and ever done I’m a subtle seduction, I am utter corruption I’m the God enlightened, […]

I heard the time just slips From your sugar plum lips So I go there to watch it fall And my jaw just drops When your cherry lolly pops I […]

[Letra de “Monstruo”] [Pre-Coro] Voy calentándote (-te, -te) Son las tres y cuatro ‘e la mañana pa’ ser exacto Voy calentándote Tocándote, donde no habías sentido (-ido, -ido) Temblando y […]

Well I play where the roses go And this high, your affection was all I’d ever know Every daylight the luck will dream You were there in pieces, I saw […]

[Hook] Double 3 you should pull up right now I’m too faded for this shit I’m way higher   than   it seems Double 3   you should speed up […]

[Outro] Plate tectonics It’s the end of the world And nobody can stop it [Verse 1] Armageddon, arms deals, elections My cat just went viral Indiscretions Botox injections And grandpas […]

The King leaned forward and lost his crown His henchmen took some pills and fell right down I could have told them that they would never find an answer There […]

[Verse 1] Let me go Gravity gets us all Just thought you should know In tomorrow’s morning light Things will look a lot less frightening Than now, than now, than […]

[Verse 1] There was only black space Life lived in negative Couldn’t find my color And there was only one place A potential positive That I could be something other […]

I’ve got ambition. It’s like walking through fog at night. By Sunday I’ve got nothing left. I got rules and I break ’em. It’s always out of reach, That’s a […]

Roll out the red carpet, ring the bell Don’t let them see how your days roll by I know you’re real but that’s just as well There’s just no substitute […]

[Letra de “Ropa Interior”] [Pre-Coro] Anoche fue una larga historia En verdad no sé, no tengo memoria de cómo terminamos Tampoco recuerdo ni cómo empezamos Y en la mañana cuando […]

[Verse 1] I don’t know what happened We went from being so cool to every day we snappin’ Maybe   we   just need some   time apart Or maybe […]