May 23, 2020

Cause you always make it right Ayy, ayy [Chorus] I might be slightly stupid I don’t need a reason This ain’t no world exclusive I brought a problem We can’t […]

Hey Ay, open your eyes No, not again We’ll be alright If we just be who we are Then we could be proud of a lot And be forever young […]

New day rising New day rising New day rising (new day rising) New day rise New day rise, yeah (new day rising) Yeah! (new day rising) Aaaaaah! New day rising […]

There’s a thunderstorm Blasting in the rain There’s a thunderstorm Blasting in the rain With a threshold of pain Everybody Is dancing In the sandstorm There’s a thunderstorm There’s a […]

From this day on our romance is through” I said, “Tell me baby, face to face How could another man take my place?” She said Money, honey Money, honey Money, […]

All I’m after is belief All you’re showing me is teeth You’ve been staring at me for a long while All I’m after is belief All you’re showing me is […]

Like a chest of hidden gold Shimmers in the depths below We are, we are, the treasures that They hide Like the sun that saves the night Bursting through a […]

You make me a pool Where you dip-dive in it You and a fool in it Wasn’t a waterbed but it was one where you [?] Left makeup stains all […]

I ain’t really trying to fall And baby it’s not my fault The good boys never fall   in   love Don’t forget to   call me When you’re home […]

[Intro] I’m over you but I still love it when you under me If Icarus went to   the   sun then I’ll   bring the sun to me I’m […]

(Toa’) Las que bellaquean, las que colaboran (-boran) Las que lo twerkean como a 100 por hora Y sin mirar la hora (La hora) [Coro] Ojalá que nunca pare el […]

Choufou jirankoum ou dirou bhalhoum 7na ncomondiw ou teb3ou bla commentaire Dirou 39elkoum comme tout le monde Tekmach feddar ou l7awli credit Ana ya sidi rebbani bruce lee Bob marley […]

[作詞:林昶佐] [作曲:林昶佐 劉笙彙] [編曲:閃靈] 烏雲罩月 茫茫的暗暝 困佇這咧無聲無說的世界 泅袂出這片翕死人的死海 敢是五感失常資信全無接受 也是心肺失能空氣攏無吸收 等無彼咧人 等無一聲霆雷響 等無彼咧人 等無一改暢心情 若連聲音攏毋准發 咱用銃聲來揣正義 若連蠟燭攏毋准點 咱點炸彈來揣光明 清算血債 清算仇冤 清算血債 清算仇冤 血債仇冤 烏雲罩月 茫茫的暗暝 櫼佇這咧袂振袂動的世界 泅袂出這片翕死人的死海 敢是頭眩腦頓啥麼攏要吞忍 也是血路袂順跤手攏毋敢伸 等無彼咧人 […]