May 22, 2020

All you gotta do is quit f*cking those bitches and give me your love It’s not a hard thing, don’t make it so complicated for me What can I say? […]

[Verse 1] She been driving 30 for 40 miles Yeah she got them fluffy dice She likes the road at night says it clears her mind She says it’s pink […]

y esas cosas que compartimos como un secreto Para andar entregándonos sin temores lo que tenemos Eso y mas! Esas cosas que compartimos como un secreto Para andar entregándonos sin […]

Cangri! Da-Daddy Yankee yo! Con DJ Blass, yo! Come on! Bompea esto! Pa’ el fronteo en los carros! Daddy Yankee, yo! Tenemos el flow gangsteril Malianteo Tenemos el flow gangsteril […]

Legger ansiktet i farger, både rosa og litt blått På korketøffler i svingstol, da vet du hva du får Stirrer ut i løse lufta, er det lavtrykk eller sol Stå, […]

Badger-Kaye The walker may get to where he wants to go He may lose his stride on the way In boots made of leather Although well put together I don’t […]

M-m-m-my Corona… (I need toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper I’m out of toilet paper, it’s my Corona) So sick of my Corona M-m-m-my Corona… Where’s a goddammed parking space […]

To the north my medicine To my east the burning sun I set sail on the ship of fools The south she waits But I can’t go there again I’m […]

[Letra de “XX”] [Intro] Llegó el weekend Yo no sé tú, pero yo te quiero volver a ver Desde la última   vez No   se le ha   ido […]

oh, ah! oh-ah! ella es la cangri! (perreoooooooooo!) (woof, woof, woof!) (woof, woof, woof!) (woof, woof, woof!) Daddy yankee, yo! ella es la cangri! Segurosqui, ******squi te dije que en […]

Badger If the world has got you down And it’s more than you can take You can’t get your feet back on the ground All you need is that lucky […]

[Songtext zu „Irgendwohin“] [Hook] Sie will weg von dem Stress, von den Kopfficks Von den Wolken voller Regen zuhaus Keinen Chef,   der   sie hetzt durch   das Office […]