May 21, 2020

It’s a shame that I’m never gonna see your face again, mmm We’re both strangers but I’m kind of hoping maybe that could change, yeah Well, I hope I don’t […]

~ *Whoa, haw, gee Mules and horses: whoa=stop Haw=go left, gee=go right. It’s too bad Things are going so tough with me It’s too bad Things are going so tough […]

[Verse 1] I am the only one you can really trust I was never part of what you conceived I never ever shared what you believed I never cared for […]

I was blind, you were kind You were beautiful When I lost you My songs became lyrical I’m not high, I’m not drunk You’re my miracle You’ve been charming, easy, […]

[Verse] What if we crash and burn? I would say what I think, but you said it first And you spilled your drink, but I hate this shirt and [Chorus] […]

{Verso] Hoy perdiste la memoria Me borraste de tu historia Y ahora finges de la nada Una amnesia temporal Y   pensar   que ayer jurabas Que   jamás me […]

Yy-kaa-yy-kaa… Se on sumo! OUTRO (Crazy!) Oulu, Hämpton ja Rollo Häh, mikä meininki? Terveisii geenialtaan matalasta päästä Taas tääl on pää aivan kamalassa jäässä Mä oon katala, kavala, kelmi, taistelija […]

Just imagine a rocksinger Calling on white to kill black I can hear the immediate outcry Among all those ghetto rats I’m just so sick and tired Of all your […]

Don’t push those thoughts away Can you feel the life flowing through your veins? I know what’s best. I just can’t stay) Tried to kill my desire, tried to hold […]

Veni vidi vici, sai sei bello impossibile Veni vidi vici, sai sei bello sicuro di te Tu mi sorprendi cosi, come tu mi affascini M’inamoro, ti adoro perché sei cosi… […]

I wouldn’t steal what was already mine Malicious intent, your heart is unkind Open me up and   crawl   inside Into a secret   place that they’ll never find […]

(What you going to do?) *scratches* (What you going to do?) (Verse 1) I don’t give a f*ck if you’re a big time rapper, ice’d up I don’t like your […]

“I’m only a soldier, ?in’ that sorrow” Ich bin en Sohn Gottes Frei wiä dä Wind Ha nie ä Flagge wellä Wo mer seit wer ich bin Ich flüg wie […]

All is calm and dormant A fragile balance in a vast space An eternal deadlock An eternal deadlock A subtle impulse moves the grid A million years of solitude About […]