May 20, 2020

There’s a hiss on the bus And it goes round [Chorus: Andrew Katz & Will Toledo] Hollywood makes me wanna puke Hollywood makes me wanna puke Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood […]

Sa pagsapit ng dilim Ang buwan at mga bituin Sa pagpukaw sa umaga Sinag ng araw ay kakaiba Bakit nga ba ikaw Ang nasa aking alaala Alaala Habang lahat ay […]

[Verse 1] I’ve been thinking (Yeah) How I can’t read your mind I’ve been waiting (Hmm) But your decisions [?]   overpriced [Pre-Chorus] We   could take it   to […]

Te vas amor Si así lo quieres qué le voy a hacer Tu vanidad no te deja entender Que en la pobreza se sabe querer Quiero llorar Y me destroza […]

(I don’t know) Not a good leader, more like a tyrant Put my power to use (To use) Put your brain to use (To use) Put your mouth to use […]

You talk a lot of stuff Let’s get the party thrown Don’t try me Cause I get it poppin’ Can’t buy me My pockets so rocky So what you want […]

[Verse 1: Urthboy] Smoke wafts up to the light globe Punched through a tight cone Ragtag bunch enter my home MiniDisc from the pocket of my coat Plug it in […]

[Verse 1] Here she comes Here she comes She’s okay She’s okay I can tell That she’s okay And just as she walks by [Verse 2] Be alright Be alright […]

[Verse I] Ethereal forest Feel the ground moving under my bare feet Unbroken in the silence As the sun beats   down And   the light seems   to settle […]