May 18, 2020

You must be crazy Trying to take what is mine You wanted hostile Well then you’ve arrived Yell “hello kevlar!” There’s no place you can hide It’s on this foot […]

Guys named Captain are, always characters Livin’ by the water, somewhere in the Americas South or Central, or some Virgin Island Barefoot and sun-kissed, always smilin’ Guys named Captain aren’t […]

Porque o nosso amor É um amor de conserva Que nós temos de reserva Prós dias que hão-de vir Porque o nosso amor Entrou naquela rotina A cumprir aquela sina […]

It’s out of hand I got a better plan, no one try’na listen Take depression and divide it by persistence Took my vision and I made a f*cking business It’s […]

(Yeah, nope nope nope) Are you niggas really in the majors? Holy The f*ck are you doin’ that   nigga   is gonna think   you tryna give him some […]

Strange sights never seen before Rise up Show them what the sky is for One eye on the distant shore Dive down Drag across the ocean floor With the engine […]

She said, “I’m leaving.” I said, “You’re leaving.” She said, “Somehow I thought you knew.” She said, “I’ll phone ya.” I said, “No, I’11 see you— And don’t believe this […]

Who gets to live like we do? (we do) Yeah, who ain’t gonna stop, man, no matter what? (we do) Yeah, who wants to rock like we do? (we do) […]

The things that hurt the most Are what we show the least Just expose the surface Always out   of   reach Complete disconnection Broken from   the rejection Blinded […]

Wonn ois guad geht vielleicht no bis ins nexte   Joa,   owa   ewig weit sicha   nimma A föhg’loateta Moistrom   aus Zeit, treibt uns an entgegeng’setzte Orte […]

[Verse] Yeah, I don’t want to be oh so lonely Maybe we could [?] up but I   don’t   wanna wake up And   all our memories I hold […]

[Refrain] La roue tourne, ton bâton il va s’casser Je surveille mes arrières, j’fais même pas mes lacets Je soupire, ça fait "ah la la", this-moi qui m’empêchera d’brasser Tout […]

[Intro] Ayeyoungjordan Welcome to paradise [Chorus] I can feel the cold water I can finally hear You calling I think I   see   the morning, yeah Done   running […]

My self-esteem? I was in a backseat, dead at 19 You were on your front foot ready to   comfort   me Both so naïve Heaving   at the pitstop, […]

When stars are born No one can stop them And who could ever Neglect the thought Life’s created All over the night sky Don’t disrespect Nature’s thought When ideas are […]

Who’s got the f*cking light? Bang fire I got the dynamite Head atrocities I got the dynamite Respect the wild ride That left you horrified Get arctic wolfman Massacre ignite […]