May 17, 2020

[Letra de “18 Llantas”] [Intro] Trailes, negocios Pura Fuerza Régida, jaja Yes sir [Verso 1] “Franco” el apellido y el negocio de los trailes Navego en   silencio   con […]

[Verse 1] Everybody thinks I’m a joke I see them laughing when west house starts to smoke Nobody Knows I’ve got a moustache And if they do they just laugh […]

They suck too. He ain’t   got   the lyrics. Yeah, he’s a terrible artist. Have you heard about Wild Wes? I know right? No, they ain’t good. Have you […]

[Intro] School is out in summer Keeping me paralyzed I’m not doing anything The side of things that summer   brings [Pre-Chorus] Who   do you think   I came […]

Dimmi quale effetto fai a quest’ora Se dura una vita o solo mezz’ora Io non gioco con il fuoco, l’accendo Mi si spegne di continuo, c’è vento Dimmi quale effetto […]

[Verse 1] I’ll sit here till the lights go down You can fall asleep I’ll sit here till the   brakes   go on In your   head and body […]

[Chorus] See I ain’t popping outta your section, they like, “What you on?” I say, “Lil’ nigga,   I’m   on that cheese,   on that provolone” Ain’t hard to […]

And we’re gonna go with the same approach right here, we’re gonna put water on the fire Until there’s no more fire” They probably had meetings in the morning “I […]

[Verse 1] Call in on time Sickness or shine These nylon suits Have come un-twined Agnostic kids Protestant souls Watch what they drink And work when they’re told [Chorus 1] […]

Hey! I don’t know. [Chorus] Hey! You got to be kidding i’m ready to attack Hey! I said Hey! Ay! Ay! Ay! You ain’t got no game! Let me calm […]

[Verse 1] This shit feel like ecstasy, enter me Yeah, I’m only 23 but there’s like, like, ten   of   me Fendi tee, there’s   no remedy I got […]

Where am I going? [Verse 1] Doing seventy on the freeway Smoke coming out the hood Toll man says it’s ninety I bargain him   down   to eighty ‘Cause […]

[Verse] Hyeah, Thom Yorke, Radiohead, bitch I’m a damn creep Slipknot, tighten the noose, wait till my neck bleed Syndicate, shooting at every single civilian The villain that they hate […]

[Chorus: Pontus Hjelm] I’m trying to let go, let go, fighting demons in the dark I’m gonna tear down these walls I’m trying to let go, let go, buried so […]