May 16, 2020

[Verse 1] This is what it sounds like when I’m alone This is how my heart sounds when I’m at home So much more fulfilling than when I am told […]

The hardest things just can’t be known at all I don’t know the whole truth But I know a piece was buried with you I know I never return calls […]

What you wanna stay for? what? [Verse 2] Oh when I was 18 I started going out with the girl the boys used to shout about But my bed ain’t […]

Muchachita de mi barrio De la cita callejera Que ya nunca volvera Melancolia Del recordar Era en la calle maleva una flor Linda como mañanita de sol Y yo un […]

Told me to not get closer But now there’s no turning back I’m living for your attention I’m begging to hold on tight I want you to know that (I […]

[Letra de “Pinxame mosquito”] [Verso] Pícame Pícame mosquito Como una araña, como una hormiga, como tú quieras hacer Ay, pero pínchame Que me queden   los   puntitos Que me […]

[Chorus] What a sweet design between you and I Girl, you fit me right, oh, you fit me right What a sweet design when we combine Crossin’ borderlines just to […]

Who put these lines across my face? I thought i meant it when I said I’d age with grace Laid out my years across your floor My legs are tired […]

[Verse 1] You held your head among the stars Fashioned the fear from the dark [Pre-Chorus] Not much happens, not to me Not much happens, no Lately [Chorus] I’m a […]

I need to breathe But my lungs are filled with water Somebody give me my relief I need to speak But my heart seems to be broken Somebody help me […]

[Verse 1] The devil wears a white dress Oh, she cries for something better Her tears never hit the floor All she wants is something deeper Left stranded, still standing […]

Talk about truth As you fire your gun Genocide hand See your name in blood Prophets on fire Better not touch It’s a fragile God You’re leaning on Stand down […]

A to Z 네 모든 걸 다 알고 싶어져 1 2 3 마주치는 눈빛이 짜릿한 걸 네가 멀리 있어도 저 비행기 타고 난 flying 언어가 좀 달라도 뭐 어때 느끼잖아 […]

[Intro: Allday] Yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Allday] Two left feet CBD’in in the CBD Girls drive past, go ‘beep-beep-beep’ Straight out of Blackwood, yeah,   not   the OC But […]

[Verse 1: Jiho, Binnie] 어떤 이유일까 처음 널 만난 날 한참을 그 자리에 머물렀었지 그렇게 피어났던 마음은 가는 계절을 따라 조금씩 계속   자라게   됐지 [Verse 2: Arin, Mimi, […]