May 13, 2020

E’r’body 準備はいいか What you say? A fever that knows no cooling Bring back the passion you lost that day What you say? 果てない野望   昇れ To the top 目指す遥かを Yeah […]

تو به فکر پس انداز خرج میکنم انگار هستم لاس وگاس طرز فکرت باطل دل من حزب باده تو تو کف تشکیل خانواده ولی دل من تنها شاده خوشی با […]

내 사랑은 U U 너만 보면 자꾸 떨려와 내 전부는 U U 내 눈엔 너밖에 안보여 꿈속에도 U U U (BABY MY LOVE) 매일매일 U U U (I JUST WANNA) […]

Whiskey bottle, wash your fears away I’m so sure they’ll return again Talk is cheap, why not try to explain? Just what’s wrong maybe I could help If like me, […]

이런 말 하는 내가 조금 이상해 보일까 혹시 솔직히 나를 조금 그런 여자로 볼까 봐 oh my boy 너를 우연히 본 그 순간 난 뭔지 모를 이 설레임에 처음 내게 […]

I want to love you at dinner I want to love you and take you out to dinner tonight I find the secrets that we keep, are so ice cold […]

[Interlude: Lee Hi] Yeah, I don’t wanna bye O yeah, bring it to me nod O yeah, I don’t wanna   die Bring   it to me   O Just […]

[Sample: (?)] I’m your darling In every way You gotta come through You gotta come through You gotta come through You gotta come through You gotta come through You gotta […]

Face to face, digging counter marks Cheek to cheek, the last we’d ever touch Ring around, ringing out, my throat is Bursting with a pack of a thousand flies Saying, […]

And you give in And you give out for it Ain’t it so weird How it makes you a weapon? Never turn your back on it Never turn your back […]

Und Schweigen ist der Rest Hamlet, Prinz von Dänemark … Hamlet, Shakespeares größter Hit … Hamlet – er war der Prinz aller Dänen Sein Schicksal rührte Tausende von Dänen zu […]

Tu te souviens Les couleurs sur les baskets Les crayons dans les cassettes Je rembobine Tu te souviens Tous ces rêves plein nos disquettes À Paris c’était les States 1987 […]

(Nanana) All my ladies say yeah (Nanana) Yo, yo sing it again (Nanana) 이유가 뭐 그리 대단할 필욘 없잖아 사소한 네 손짓 하나로도 나를 쥐고 흔들잖아 (흔들어놔 Babe) Oh you […]

وقتی ساکتی میدونم با اونی نمیخوای گوشی رو جواب بدی میدونم با اونی آره آره خوب میدونم که میدونی فراموشت نتونستم بکنم به این آسونی یه روز ملکه بودی منم […]