May 12, 2020

Yeh-yeh, yeh-yeh, yeh-yeh La calle está apagá’, pero ella la va a prender (Rra) Porque si ella sale (Sale, sale) To’a la’ amiga’ salen (Wuh, wuh) En la disco muy […]

How can I move forward if you’re pulling me back? Don’t pretend that we’re in this together There are answers to these questions that you don’t   wanna   know […]

Ich bin relativ groß Verglichen mit ‘nem Kieselstein Aber neben einem Felsen Bin ich relativ klein Ich bin relativ klug Im Vergleich zu Heidi Klum Doch im Vergleich zu Steven […]

[Intro] Gotta feel the vibes, you know Just go with it Light somethin’ up, turn this shit up Lay   back,   listen to me,   for real Space Ghost, […]

[Romanized:] Eojeneun eotteon narieonna Teukbyeolhan ge isseotdeonga Tteoollyeo boryeo hajiman Byeoldareul geon eopseotdeon geot gata Oneuldo ttokgachi heulleoga Naman ireoke himdeulkka Eotteoke gyeondyeoya halkka Maeumkkeot sorichyeo ulmyeon naajilkka Yeah we […]

(Catch) Say she don’t wanna f*ck with me no more, it’s all love (It’s all love) I know when the bills start comin’ in, I’m the one she call up […]

(Huh?) Damn (Damn) She stick on a bag and went on this bitch to clock out (Go) I pulled the F&N out of my drawers She thought I was pullin’ […]

This isn’t 30 seconds into a tran- Hey! (Hey, hey, hey, hey…) (Do you wanna go around   inside   the city?) (Come in   down and stop) (Do you […]

문득 쓸쓸한 밤이 나를 찾아온 지친 하루의 끝쯤에서 매일같이 걸어가는 바쁜 시간 속 나와 같이 발을 맞춰주는 너 가끔 흔들리고 무거운 날이 올 때마다 넌 언제나 내 곁에서 날 감싸주네 […]

[Chorus] Kinky love, kinky I’m mad about you Kinky love, I need you so bad, I need you kinky love Kinky you’re all that I’ve been thinking of Kinky take […]

(Tay Keith, what the f*ck up, nigga?) (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one) Tay Keith I don’t give a f*ck, I’m up, I crashed my Lambo truck four times (Skrrt) […]

[Letra de “BYE ME FUI”] [Intro] Yeh, yeh, yeh Yeh, yeh, yeh [Pre-Estribillo] Viniste buscándome (Buscándome) Porque te fallaron de nuevo (De nuevo), yeh-eh Viniste buscándome   (Buscándome) Pero   […]

I wonder if it’s just like they say on the poster. I can’t wait to see everything there. I must see her fly through the air. If it is I […]