May 11, 2020

[Estrofa 1: Edurne] Ya sé que no He sabido comprenderte Yo ya me sé tu respuesta Todo terminó Sabes que yo Yo debí conocerte Debí subir la apuesta Ahora soy […]

Talk to me Talk to me Talk to me please Are you still awake? My love is lost My love is a user My love is f*cking crazy My love […]

train, oh I like the taste of your tongue When, when, when I forget that I’m young Or that I’m supposed to be I wonder did he notice the rest […]

[Chorus] Life just gives me lemons And I don’t like lemonade Sticky situation Look at this mess I’ve made [Verse 1] Ridin’   round   I’m low on   gas […]

Remember what I said, my love Now you better pray the Lord I know where you’re waking   up Where   you’re waking up Remember   what you said, my […]

[Intro] Ah-ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah [Verse 1] Rollin’ down the one-way street Takin’ any shortcut needed Hopin’ there’s a chance I’ll meet somebody like   you Somebody   like you But another […]

[Chorus] I’m drowning, I cannot escape my surroundings They doubted, alone at the top of the mountain Keep   smiling,   this money, it   just keep on pilin’ Yeah, […]

When they’re loud enough we can hear their words By night we are inquisitory birds Some nights we are asked if we ever tire Of gazing at their heels and […]

I’d almost given up On finding love It’s easier being alone I figured building walls Meant I was strong ‘Cause   that   was all I’d   ever known But […]

[Verse 1] I’m on that late night come and get I’m on that ripped jeans cigarette And the whole world stops, it’s turning As the love fills up our lungs […]

[Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause you’re gravity, gravity, gravity is taking a hold   of   me Pulling   me, pulling me,   taking control of   me [Chorus] Aaaah I think I’m […]

Sine te fumanu nu ma capitu beddhru miu statte attentu ca te fumanu, buenu! Gopher, Nandu Popu, Terron Fabio & Don Rico Beddhru miu statte attentu ca te fumanu, buenu! […]

Where are you Can’t find you I’m so lost without you baby Where are you Can’t find you I’m so lost without you baby But baby I know baby I […]

Bonne nouvelle, un rappel! Hier galère, ce soir bonnes ondes… Hier des brunes, ce soir des blondes Demain le monde! On sait plus quoi jouer, on attaque”La Mère Michèle” Puis […]