May 8, 2020

I hear a sound It’s going through my brain I hear talk of people I feel the fallin’ rain I see a man crying ‘Cause the whole world has left […]

To you, oh Lord, will all the earth give glory* No other name will share the glory due Though kingdoms rise and nations mock your mercy One day they`ll stand […]

[Chorus] The speed with which all of them vanish The objects in the world And the memory of   them   in time Of them   in time The speed […]

[Verse 3:Hyperaptive] Then one night, Daniel was shotting-a-draw He’d not even got too far from shutting-his-door When 3 boys nearby watched him stopping-and-saw The drugs he was holding and started […]

Toronto to Chicago down to New Orleans Cross the Atlantic wind up in Aberdeen Spain to Australia a daze in the heat Then hack to Alaska sled dogs race to […]

You cannot lose! Remember two things One Everything has always been the same Everything has always been the same Everything has always been the same Everything has always been the […]

Tengo en mis talleres violines y flautas Tambores y gaitas colgadas de la pared Recreo tu sueño en forma de instrumento De cuerda o de viento, yo todo lo invento… […]

Pink Inch Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo And Sir Smith the wordsmith The rubber gut And this is John Smith’s Blunderbuss Or in transit [Scratching] “John” “Here me coming” “John” […]

Of all of them changing Separating Its according to nature And nothings evil that’s according to nature Nothings evil that’s according to nature [Chorus] The body and its parts are […]

Hay miedo, reta el odio al amor Cobijados, temen la sinrazón Busco en el rincón Más ruin y cruel de mi ser Alguna razón que justifique el horror… Y no […]