May 6, 2020

Bald eagles back in the cottonwood tree The old brown hills are just about bare Springtime sighing   all   along the creek Magpies   ganging up everywhere Sun shines […]

Can’t run away from yourself Can’t run away from yourself Ooh-ooh, you must have done something Something, something, you don’t want nobody to know about it You must have, oh […]

Come with me my love and seize the day and live it Live it fully live it fast Never thinking once about tomorrow Till tomorrow’s been and gone and past […]

‘Cause we are one Reborn free I am you and you are me I’ll sacrifice everything With you, you are, I will always be We are one Reborn free I […]

What happens when it fades to black And this is not the color it’s the end And this is not the end like a story This is really all that […]

We stayed up for days in the summer on Merezine and Ephedrine and Benedryl, Dromamine and Ketamine and Nyquil and Dextromethorpin and Hydrobromide. And the light shining in through the […]

Alegria Como uma luz, nova vida alegria Ouço uma voz a cantar alegria A lagrima que brilha_ Tanta emoção, magia Uma loucura de amor alegria Como uma brisa de felicidade […]

Times have changed And we’ve ofter rewound the clock Since the Puritans got a shock When they landed on Plymouth Rock If today any shock they might try to stem […]

A time for memories returning A time for heartache and yearning Shades of blue, crowding through As I sit here remembering you A time for wondering what happened For wondering […]

I hold you in my sleep But the nights are getting colder You’re there only in my dreams Won’t you come back Why do you treat me like a prisoner […]