May 3, 2020

I could stick around for a minute more Take a little time walking out that door But I know it wouldn’t be alright Every other day that I let it […]

[Verse 1] When my mind is like a battlefield And my heart is overcome by fear And hope seems   like   a ship that’s   lost at sea My […]

Don’t I make the grass green In the right season? Life ain’t food and the body ain’t clothes But you fast and you ask what to eat Just believe, I […]

La nuit promet d’être belle Car voici qu’au fond du ciel Apparaît la lune rousse La nuit promet d’être belle Car voici qu’au fond du ciel Apparaît la lune rousse […]

[Couplet 1] Let’s get it J’en ai rien à ******* (oh) J’rentre dans le club comme dans une maison hantée (bouh) Avec mauvais garçon Salvatore Conte (oh) Mamacita fais-moi plaisir […]

[Verse 1] While I’m here I wanna fix my daddy’s pick up and disappear Put the pedal to the   floor And   the past in   the rearview mirror […]

señor Diciembre usted me va perdonar Si al oírme cantar no le parezca el mismo Comprenda   entonces   que ya nada   es igual Si al llegar Navidad se […]

[Chorus] I ride with my niggas I ride with the fetty And my wrist cold like Yeti All   my   shit dropping soon   you ain’t ready This is […]

Missä sä näät itsesi Viidensadan vuoden päästä? Kysyt: missä sä näät meidät Onko meillä yhteinen elämä Vai tarvitsenko vieläkin Jotain itsenäisyyttää Kerrot unelmiesi talosta Ja mä kuvittelen sut ja puutarhan […]

pumpin’ in your stereo This is the summer jam so, here we go Jump out line and start to unwind Before you gotta get back to the grind and Don’t […]

Dreamer, dreamer tell me my dreams Dreamer, dreamer bring it unto me Maybe, maybe riches bestowed Maybe, maybe eternity I’ll know Stars cry they dim before him True lies you […]

[Verse 1] Pay my respects to those kings and queens Forgive what they say, don’t mean a thing Pay my respects to the ones that need Who lost themselves out […]

[Verse 1] The fresh prince of Bel Air with golden plated chairs Marble floors, glass doors, corkscrew stairs Sturgeon Caviar with the skinny tie Roman pillar, Scarface tubs, “fly pelican […]

The kinds of reds like in the tail lights Burn just as bright as roaring flame The kinds of reds like in the tail lights Get to your head all […]

me direz-vous Parce qu’aujourd’hui, voyez-vous Le prestige de la Réforme C’est mieux que celui de l’uniforme Je vais peut-être reboire du chloroforme Et d’un seul coup faire clore ma forme […]