May 2, 2020

Oh no, oh no, se ha cumplido la maldición Flores con olor a tierra me traéis Vuestros nombres ya no significan nada Por fin, por fin Giros, virajes, kilometraje Golpes […]

Obrigado Jesus Pelo amor que não morre! Pela nova aliança que foi feita na cruz Pela fé e esperança Pela vida eterna Obrigado, obrigado Jesus ! Pelo sol da manhã […]

She’s flying from pine to pine She’s mourning for her own love the way I mourn for mine I lie awake out in the night I see the shining stars […]

[Verse 1] They say, “Oh my god, I see the way you shine Take your hand, my dear, and place them both in mine” You know you stopped me dead […]

(What’s hannenin’?) D4L, Stunna Man, say what’s hannenin’? (What’s hannenin’?) Bowen Homes, you know, that shiesty shit (What’s hannenin’?) You go outside, you better back it (Ayy) [Verse 2: Drake] […]

Slut, bye (f*ck on) Nothin’ on me from Saks, everything Revive Old nigga tellin’ on bro, should’ve died No, he ain’t kill ’em, dawg, he ain’t even try Still’ll bet […]

Rio De Janeiro Niemand houd ons nog tegen Niets brengt ons nog van de reis We zijn onderweg naar Rio Want daar is het paradijs Een land vol met mooie […]

Para estropear tanta calidad Solo necesitas tiempo, tiempo Te lo explicaré con imágenes De momento todo el mundo al suelo Si no sabes lo que quiero Te hago una lista […]

“Jesus, é só dizer teu nome pra te adorar Jesus, é só dizer teu nome pra te exaltar Rei dos reis Jesus, é só erguer as mãos e te magnificar […]

This little yellow house has too many rooms Too many rooms, too many rooms This little yellow house has too many rooms And I sit all alone and cry I […]

(Ain’t shit sweet, bitch?) Ayy, ayy I spy with my little eye (What?) Thirty racks on me as we speakin’, I’m so fly (Thirty) Private jet whenever the f*ck I […]

Paroles de la chanson Isolation : Oh I have been thinking All night watched you sleeping ‘Cause I couldn’t keep my eyes closed We’ve tried ’cause we had to Told […]

It’s a revolution of a brand new day I couldn’t feel better if it just got paid I sing a song, got my caffeine on And everything’s alright And I […]

El coche real nos lleva a mejor puerto, un puerto mejor … Aquí hay gran nivel, no pienso apostar fuerte al precio que estoy El coche real nos lleva a […]

When you’re out in the open And you’re tired of hoping I’ll be there in a moment I’ll be by your side When you’re scared and you’re lonely When there’s […]