May 1, 2020

Dancing on your own again Lost in movement Freedom’s calling loud and clear Take this chance Do you see in his eyes The lack of respect With years down the […]

In the spirit I saw a throne through an open door Emerald rainbow adorned the mighty seat that I saw There were thrones they seated elders robed in white Flashes, […]

[Strofa 3] Rima dopo rima tempo su tempo ho imparato crescendo Andando a fondo dentro l’esperienze incontrate Sul mio cammino, ed ora so di essere io padrone del mio destino […]

[Chorus] 911, I’m a fire This damn place ‘bout to light up 911, I’m a fire Evacuate, evacuate [Verse 1] My moves   are   super sick (Hey) I   […]

I never felt like this with somebody I never thought I’d feel like I do I never felt this close with somebody Somebody, somebody but you I never had this […]

[Verse 1] Julianna, calm down You know he’s about to leave, but don’t panic Don’t give him the satisfaction   that   you can’t handle   it Breathe, it’ll be […]

I brushed my teeth After morning meal I used colorless language To describe how i feel today I recall a Glimpse of the sun High above me Through the wire […]

[Intro] One, two, three Two, two, three [Verse 1] Bye bye my friend, I’m leaving I’m gonna feast on the stars   in   the sky And while   I […]

I’m a little jealous Nothing wrong with that I could never tell him not to leave I just wanna hold him Never hold him back But you might be the […]